Featured Consignments

Just a small sample of some of our Featured Consignments at the 2016 Fort Worth Stockyards Longhorn Auction.

Bill and Elizabeth Hudson, Hudson Longhorns

Del Rio Chex + Hubbells Field of Dreams

OCV’d. 2JB Cocaine Lady is a Del Rio Chex daughter that will be a 90” TTT cow at a very young age. She is only a 5-year-old that measures over 84” TTT and over 93” TH. Her twisty horn measurement was 98-1/4” on 9/26/15 at the Horn Showcase. She won 2 bronzes at the 2015 Horn Showcase, TTT and twist. She grew over 5-1/2” during the past 12 months and is still growing at a rapid pace. She recently weaned a bull calf DOB 10/7/15 sired by HL Red Baron that we are very excited about. We AI’d her to CV Cowboy Casanova on 6/22/16. We love everything about this cow and it pains us to sell her, but we know that Hudson Longhorns will bring our best to town for the inaugural Hudson/Valentine Stockyards Sale. The new owner of this cow will own the imagination of the industry as we all watch her mature into one of the most special Longhorns in the world!

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